3 aspects about arguments in relationships


Quarrels in relationships are absolutely inevitable and natural, very few are those who manage to stay calm and not get to certain divergent or contradictions. I say this because it is a completely normal thing between two people who spend most of their time together to defend certain issues that make them feel disturbed. The argument basically is not good at anything, does not solve anything and can be replaced with the ease of a serious discussion, carried by two grown men by which to solve the problems and reach a consensus. In this article I want to describe 3 things about the quarrels in couples.

1. Everything starts from "too much good"
Then when you are used to lead a quiet life and not to miss, apparently, nothing, feel like you get bored and want to do something different. Not all people are the same, and some of us are less irritable to the changes. When we impose something it is quite hard to conform without to comment on something, and the comments start fights we can't avoid. It is recommended to bring solid arguments whenever we want to make a change.

2. We have to learn a thing in every argument
If we let all the things of which we are disturbed to gather, they will make you to explode at a given time and not suffer anything from what the person next to you does. The Ideal would be to speak every time you're upset and explain why you don't like that thing, don't let any argument go by without you to enlighten something, to learn something.

3. Over time, it will seem childish all the fights we've been through
When we realize how small are the things in which we're fighting now, to laugh out loud. At the moment it seems like a good enough reason for a fight, but if we look at the problem from the outside and compare it with other situations that could be more difficult, suddenly our problem becomes something over which we can pass with ease.